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About us
URBO is a platform, developed to automate and optimise interrelations between the members of the HoReCa market in order to maximise profit, cut costs,, and reduce risks..

By using blockchain technology the system will reduce human error and cut the expenses on processing of deals between clients and suppliers. In the future the platform will unite all the members of the market: the customers, employees, logistics companies, and catering.

URBO offers easy integration with all major accounting systems in the world (Micros/Fidelio, ALOHA, iiko, SAP, R-keeper, 1C, and others).
URBO Possibilities:
Search for necessary products on the market, price monitoring, choice of best offer, publication of price requests
Publication of product offers, widening the client base, increase in volume of sales
Automation of document flow, cost optimisation, improvement in communication speed
Work hours log, registry of statistics and achievements, motivational bonuses and salary payments
Advantageous payment options, loyalty programmes, personal preference publication
URBO Blockchain ecosystem
The URBO ecosystem optimizes the interrelations between clients, suppliers, logistic companies, employees and customers of the HoReCa market. Thanks to the use of the URBO token, the process of ordering and payment becomes more efficient and simple.

Using smart contracts for organization of those processes allows to avoid the issue of lack of trust between the parties. Catalogues of goods, prices and quality of products are all contained in the public Blockchain - and thus URBO solves the problem of the difference between the specified and actual product quality.

Paying the salary and bonuses of HoReCa employees in URBO tokens is an excellent opportunity for the profitable realization of those tokens, since the employee of one restaurant in their free time becomes a guest of a hotel or a visitor at a cafe.

The use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts will simplify payments and recording customer preferences. No matter what country you are in: based on your history of orders and payments the restaurant will know what kind of cuisine you prefer and the hotel will know which room to offer you. The system will allow HoReCa institutions to arrange targeted promotional offers, and offer discounts and additional services to new or most dedicated customers.

Reducing the costs of logistics companies. Thanks to the use of smart contracts, the request for transportation becomes available to logistics companies for confirmation, and they can receive a reward in the URBO system upon the execution of that order.

1.12 — 15.12.2017
Crowdsale dates
1URB = 0,001ETH
Token initial price
100 URB
Minimal purchase volume
Investments volume
Soft cap
17 000 ETH
≈$5 000 000
Hard cap
110 000 ETH
≈$32 000 000
The attracted investments will help the project team realise all the planned platform elements, as well as expand their presence on the international markets.

URBO token sale is international, with the exception of the USA, China and Singapore.
Token distribution

Выпускаемые проектом токены будут распределены в следующей пропорции:

  • 93% в открытой продаже;
  • 5% основателям проекта;
  • 2% на bounty-кампанию
Токены, отведенные для основателей компании, будут заморожены и не будут использоваться в течение первого года работы проекта.
Funds attracted in the crowdsale will be spent on project development in the following ratio:
Bonus programme for participants
We offer bonuses system for campaign participants. During the first 48 hours bonus will amount 15%
Additional terms
Minimum amount for purchase from 1 December 2017, 14:00 (UTC) to 3 December 2017, 13:59 (UTC)
50 000 URB
Minimum amount for purchase from 3 December 2017, 14:00 (UTC) to 14 December 2017, 13:59 (UTC)
100 URB
Maximum limit for one participant for the entire term of the campaign is
150 000 URB
Those wishing to contribute more than 150,000 URB (150 ETH) are offered this opportunity; however, their funds, as well as the funds of the founders, will be frozen until the end of the campaign
The tokens offered for sale have been created on the Etherium cryptocurrency blockchain and are up to the ERC20 standard
The tokens of this platform are of the AppTokens (or Utility Tokens) type
Should the decision be made to use another block chain, the tokens purchased at the ICO will be exchanged for other tokens after the integration of relevant functionality onto the URBO platform in a 1:1 ratio
If the crowdsale would not reach the soft cap all of the funds will be refunded
If not all of the tokens would be sold on the crowdsale the rest of them will be burnt out and the stakes will be recalculated according to new proportion.
Mikhail Tevelev
CEO, ideology, development strategy
15 years' experience in the HoReCa and Entertainment industry. Head and founder of the Food Retail Group, owner of Dve Palochki and Marchellis chains, Biblioteka, Bolshaya Kukhnya restaurants, Mazapark entertainment centres, and SwissAm HoReCa business school. Mikhail always looks to the future, he is the main generator of ideas, he is the strategist and the conceptualist.

Sergey Bikineev
CTO, IT and innovation, development
30 years' experience in IT and development, and 15 of those in the HoReCa field. During his career he has developed and introduced a great number of projects aiming to automate restaurants and increase their efficiency; these include: automation of storage accounting and purchasing, local network development, information safety projects, business analysis systems, big data, Smart Restaurant, loyalty programmes, and a biometric Time Check system.
Alexander Tsyganov
Project architect, system security
Supplerus.com development company manager.
Restaurant Avtozakup system developer
Pyaterochka frontend supermarket chain developer. TimeCheck system developer (time-check.com). Foodlovers (food delivery and loyalty system) architect and developer.
Dmitry Sakerin
Project infrastructure, technical support, IT expert
Elena Nozhkina
Project manager, retail expert
Vladimir Ni
IT services, NTI Foodnet expert, GR-communications
Dmitrii Menaker
iOS & Android developer, AR
Ekaterina Kovalenko
Marketing and product PR, analytics
Eduard Fyodorov
Marketing and product PR, promotion
Dmitry Domromilskii
Backend developer
Alexandr Vorobyev
Backend developer